DodgyDog - Humour

pr07703 smLast Friday we went to the bank as pleased as punch with our newly issued tax forms and duly presented them, together with our passports, to the helpful young lady and asked if we could please open a current account. She studied the tax forms and said that she was sorry but since according to the tax forms we were self employed we would require further evidence of our income. We explained that we weren’t self employed. That’s not what it says here she responded you will have to go to the tax office and get these details changed. Our hearts instantly filled with dread. Another trip to pay homage to the fuehrer. Bollocks!! At least the tax office is closed every Friday so we can get ready over the weekend.

mailSince renting our apartment here we have found that the street we live on doesn't actually have a name and the postman does not come down this way. Even the large International Hotel we live near has to collect its mail from a P.O. Box at the local Post Office.

So we decided to get a P.O. Box for ourselves..........