The Civil Contingencies Act 2004 and accompanying non-legislative measures, delivers a single framework for civil protection in the UK. It has two sections

Part One - Local arrangements and responsibilities for civil protection

Part Two - Emergency powers

This article outlines my personal views on how the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea and HM Government have not undertaken their responsibilities under this Act, leaving survivors and bereaved relatives to suffer uneccesarily.

From the councils own website they admit they have statory obligations under this Act

Under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 as a local authority we have a statutory duty to have contingency plans in place to ensure the borough’s resources and staff are equipped to deal with a crisis situation effectively, while continuing to provide the usual day-to-day services of the Council. The Act classes local authorities in the same category as the police services, fire brigade, health authorities, environment agency, ambulance services, coastguards and port authorities.

In an emergency situation the Council will:

  • support the emergency services
  • support people affected by the incident
  • provide mutual aid to other responders
  • maintain normal council services
  • plan for medium and long term consequences and recovery from the incident

I have searched through their website and can find no published plans whatsoever. In fact the link they provide on their website to the Crisis Support Team has been deleted or is missing

RBKC Crisis Support Team

So I have some very serious questions to ask of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Councillors and Executives

  1. Where are the written Contingency Plans you are required to prepare under this Act?
  2. Have they been tested as required under this Act?
  3. Have they been validated as required under this Act?
  4. What training excersises have you performed against these plans?

The final paragraph on their website states

Once the immediate life-threatening period has passed, the Council will play a major role in restoring normality to the area as quickly as possible.

I and ALL media I have watched and read so far have found absolutely NO evidence of this.

In conclusion the Council has failed in its statutory duties, and in doing so it has caused hundreds of survivors and bereaved relatives uncessary suffering and hardship. Were I one of these unfortunate victims of maladministration I would certainly be taking legal advice with regard to taking action against them.

As far as HM Government is concerned Part One of the Act enables a Minister of the Crown to require a Category 1 responder, in this case RBKC,  to perform a function for the purposes of preventing an emergency, reducing, controlling or mitigating the effects of an emergency or taking other action in connection with an emergency. As far as I can see no such action has been taken publicly. If no Ministers have taken responsibilty and told RBKC to perform their statutory duties they too are neglecting their duties and should be held to account.


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