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Some useful resources for journalist/researchers/bloggers I found during fatal #GrenfelTower incident. All links open in a new window.

If you have any more that may be useful to others please use contact form to let me know.

Grenfell Tower Action Group

Reaction to fire

Libel letter from lawyers

Fire risk with photo of fire on sixth floor and building with no cladding


Rydon Grenfell Tower via webarchive

Harley Facades via Google cache

Harley Facades Grenfell Tower PDF

Background information

Fire Risk Management Journal "Government endangering tower blocks by delaying fire safety regulations review"

Fire Risk Management Journal "Statement from the Fire Protection Association"

Probyn-Myers "Fire Risks From External Cladding Panels – A Perspective From The UK"  (A very thorough technical report)

No Indians

Having had a good few seriously bad experiemces from trying to use so called "freelance market places" I have stayed well clear.

Three weeks fruitlessly spent trying to put together a thorough technical project proposal for a five hundred quid two week project, for some new SEO expert/consultant/whore, just to be under-cut by some sweathouse Asian coding shop that is more dangerous than clueless, I gave up ages ago.

That is until a few weeks ago I found a fellow tweeter mentioning a site I had never heard of previously, PeoplePerHour, so I went for a gander. The site itself looks refreshingly welocoming and it got me hooked pretty quickly with the rapid in-flow of work/job requests, so I signed up.

First problem I uploaded my logo instead of personal picture into my profile.


Easily remedied.

I swapped my most recent snapshot wherein I resemble Gandalf the Grey on a bad day, to one taken some thirty odd years ago in a smart shirt and tie (without a magic staff or crystal).

They accepted this without hesitation. (Not a good omen methinks).

Terms and Conditions

With these kind of sites the freelancer knows he is going to get lanced. He/she is the one does the grunt work and the site scrapes their profit. PPH T&C's follow the exact same industry trend that even though you may be the most brilliant analyst/programmer/algorithm solver on the planet you cannot possibly work out how much you will pocker from a bid you submit. That's just their charges, never mind the varying charges for money transferrals/currency conversions afterwards, or bank charges once your hard earned pittance arrives.

Well this has certainly been an interesting week for the UK Prime Minister Mr. David Cameron. I suppose the only good news for him this week is that this scandal didn't involve him putting his private parts into a dead animal. Whatever the rights and wrongs of his behaviour this week this is not the subject of my rant just now. It's about Twitter's handling of the ensuing social outcry, in particular the handling of the #resigncameron hashtag yesterday evening.